So you think you’ve got what it takes ey?

You’ve got that genius idea you’re excited about. You love it. The world’s going to love it, thinking to yourself “Dragons Den watch out, I’ve got that life changing pitch awaiting you!”

Whilst confidence is definitely a key element when becoming an Entrepreneur. You also need to be realistic and watch out for those common mistakes so many people make when starting out.

For example, confidence in your brand and purpose is extremely important. You must believe in your own produce, however, to expect everyone around you to immediately be convinced is not realistic. It will not only leave you feeling slightly rejected, but these high expectations will demotivate you tremendously.

As great role model of mine aka Entrepreneurial Don Richard Branson says…

“when the first Virgin business began 40 years ago, there was no grand plan—especially not for a behemoth that would eventually employ 50,000 people around the globe. “Had we tried to plan for such a future,” Branson once told Entrepreneur, “we would certainly have messed it up.”

aka…  are you ready for the cliche quote here?… Dum Dum Duum…

Dream big. Start small.

Classic. But extremely on point.

A huge 66% of business’s fail in 8 years. How crazy is that thought? Surprisingly enough the factors of failure were more of an emotional issue rather than the suspected economic ones. You may be financially ready, but if you are going for the door to door selling approach you are walking towards an early grave. How many times have you hung up on a cold caller? Think about it.

Never fear, I shall be advising you in my next few posts of ways and means of avoiding such disasters.

Number 1: 3rd wheeling your client due to your infatuation with your product. 

Having to work with someone who loves their product more than you, is like being on a first date with that guy or gal who is smokin’ hot and knows it. Not attractive and more than likely someone you won’t have the time of day for.

Respect your potential client and truly get to know them, their passions, their needs, their fears etc before you immediately throw out the big guns with your selling pitch. Not just because you have to, but because you want to. You wouldn’t start your date with an immediate proposition back to your house would you? Well the guys in the previous paragraph might.

From experience I have met so many awesome, inspirational people with this role who I have so much value for. Also, Making the effort to build a rapport will more likely keep hold of their time and business for a lot longer and be all the more rewarding.

The actual product itself only counts for a small amount of your business. So the “If you build it, they will come” attitude a few of you seem to swear by, will get you nowhere unfortunately. McDonalds is a prime example here; One of the most globally successful food restaurants in the world, however, I’m sure you will all agree that’s definitely not because of the quality of their produce.

Oh no she didn’t!!!

I kneel before you… You’ve got that marketing down.

So, embrace the beauty of networking. In this game you never know what path it can take you.

Gypsylou 💋








They Rock out of bed at whatever darn time they want. Sipping on coffee all day in fine establishments, living the dream. Bastards…or Entrepreneurs/ Freelancers you may call them. That breed of money hungry scamps who will bribe you out of anything…


The biggest preconception of the century. Although, we have managed to beat the system of the traditional, government driven 9-5 role. This stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s not easy being welcomed into this world. I had to work my ass off and peck my way into it. My basket was full of so many eggs that a few did smash along the way. But, never give up! Like anything worth fighting for it’s hard work. Just see it as your right of passage.

Willpower is the trick of the trade here. On call at all hours, not giving into temptation of that pesky TV and rare sun that may say hello from time to time. Nevertheless, the regular meetings of inspirational and humble influencers make it all the more rewarding. This freedom and flexibility of time really does get the creative juices flowing!

So when is the best time to “hustle”?

When the freedom to create your own pathway is before you, it is sometimes hard to break out of the mindset of the literal early bird that catches the worm.

“Early bird DOES still get the worm. There’s just confusion about what the early bird is. The early bird is someone who is willing to act early in a process, not someone who gets up before the sun.”

Wise words!  David John Independent Contractor at SPAR Business Services

It took me a while to get that mentality out of my head myself. I almost had a state of panic that I wouldn’t get everything done if I started the day a bit later. I mean I am the epiphany of the phrase “Morning person” which I should count my blessings for. Although, when your trying to have a lie in its bloody annoying when your body will reject the idea instantly. Despite the obvious analytics guiding me as to which times are best to schedule my posts, as long the the value, content and engagement is out there you’re plain sailing.

“It’s not about how much you sleep, it’s what you do while you’re awake.”

Well said Gary Vee

“Hustling” does not have a time schedule. You’re in the now. It’s such a refreshing way to live, yet maybe not as glamorous as you may think at times. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do in this world. Including bringing that trusty phone into the toilet with you.

Come on now you’ve all done it. Don’t judge me!

As #BIGDaddyBoss Steven Thompson preaches to me, “Saying you don’t have time is a poor excuse. If you have time to go to the loo then you have time to get shit done…no pun intended.”

And you know what… Me along with most social media heads; Influencer Gary Vee being one of them I have now discovered, has got a lot of valuable work done in the toilet too.

…and people say you can’t multitask. What do “they” know?!!

So, to all of my fellow entrepreneurs out there… There is no set time laid in stone telling you the opportune moment to make the magic happen. Remember. Stealth mode.  Go out there and move with the rhythm and love it.

Gypsylou 💋





Facebook; the copycats of the century, with a little sprucing of course. Will be announcing their new launch, soon to appear before you eyes. You 900million monthly active users (Almost reaching the 1 billion milestone that Whatsapp has already achieved) will be able to scan profile codes via Messenger codes just like Snapchat. You will be given an added feature; a m.me/[username] profile each. People can click on this to talk to you separately to messenger.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 13.42.13

Hmm…interesting development. I’m all over the codes, however, the extra profile came across as a little pointless to me at first. You know who I am and where to find me. Don’t fix what ain’t broke!!

Although, It does give it a more professional persona doesn’t it?

How will this benefit you?

Well…This where you need to look into the future for a second. You may not see the benefits now, however, Social Media is always 10 steps ahead. Which is why it’s so fast paced. You just get the hang of that new app or platform that has come into your life and another one creeps up.

Facebook’s vision would appear to be wanting a new grown up edge like linkedin, so for those of you like myself, who also use this for business as well as for leisure. Look out for these features  as they will definitely benefit you.

“According to a new report from TechCrunch, Facebook is working with developers to build chatbots and Live Chat web plugins for business clients. The tools are said to be officially announced next week at the social network’s F8 conference. Chatbots will allow for businesses to offer automated response systems for responding to inquires from potential customers.” Neat ey?

You can also store important documents like tickets and what not . You may be thinking this is a bit risky putting all of your information on Facebook. Nevertheless, here is where the m.me profile role comes in. It keeps everything secure and separate from the messenger app. Add the Facebook codes into the mix to easily add the company you wish to connect to then Hey Presto! You’re in business. 

“No more back and forth with texts trying to make sure you have the right number saved and awkwardly asking people how to spell their names. Your settings tab in Messenger has your own Messenger Code displayed prominently to scan or share.” ~ Facebook Messenger

Perfect… but, I guess that means it’s going to be a lot harder to fake number people too for all you creepy guys and gals out there… Am I right?!

Keep your eyes peeled for the update!

GypsyL0u 💋

Confessions Of A Snapchataholic|Ghost Codes

You may or may not have heard of Ghost codes. If you thought you couldn’t turn anymore into a big kid then get involved with this “discovery” app  for Snapchat.  Another #BIGDaddyBoss Baton which has been passed to me very recently.

“Have you ever asked the question, “how do I find awesome people to follow on Snapchat?” We have too…all the time. So we built an app that makes it possible.” – Ghostcodes.com

We being Frank Danna and Hunter Harrison the inventors of this fun little app and partners of Softway, a web design and multimedia company that is partnering with Workhouse Creative.


This dramatically increases your  interaction and I have to say enthusiasm for “winning” on Snapchat. There’s a leader board highlighting your “likes” from others, in the form of purple hearts. How wonderfully adolescent. I am a sucker for fantastically fuzzy emojis I can’t deny. As soon as I laid my eyes on that little ghost I sold my soul. I must get to the top.

You will also spot the downloads of your own personal code.

*Snapchat code – Just call it your I.D in the Snapchat community, a ticket to your own story

FullSizeRender (3)

This makes me wonder…Am I using this for the right reasons? Or does it not matter that my main reason I’m discovering so many people and promoting my brand is because I wish to beat them all?!?

Whatever your reasoning, you’re connecting with so many brilliant minds in a variety of occupations, generations and cultures in a way that immediately brings everyone to the same level. It’s impossible not to learn something. So Stop taking yourself so seriously, It’s the worst kept secret to Snapchats success.

GhostCodes is an add on to Snapchat where you create a profile, select a niche category ranging from Inspirational all the way to sexy. So modest my fellow Snapchatters are. I thought Story Teller was the most appropriate for my life story, I couldn’t just narrow myself down to just one category now could I? I’m definitely more of an all rounder.

…Ok I did actually try celebrity but they wouldn’t have any of it.

Since using this tool, my followers have gone through the roof and not just for Snapchat but via other platforms also. Taking us back to the importance of distribution. It’s magically put me on the map, which is perfect for all you Entrepreneurs out there!

So go get your brand out there and have fun with it.

GypsyLou 💋


P.S You can now change your category when you go into your settings. This is a neat trick to bump your way up, boosting your followers. But, sshh don’t tell anyone.



Algorithm and Topic Trends|Journalism Is Taking It Back.

Trending Topics a.k.a Topics which the world are talking about, that you need to know more than anything else. RIGHT NOW.

You’ll notice them on various social media platforms, focussing on Twitter and Instagram in particular here. Trending topics are a handy source and also my major point of call when searching for the most recent current affairs. But where do they really come from you may be asking and where do you find these life changing “trends”?

Apart from the obvious mainstream media outlets such as @BBCNews and @Huffingtonpost; the”Breaking News” and vital upcoming gossip who’s worthy attributes will trump the stream every time.

FullSizeRender (1)

How do people get their posts up the top of the leader board?  I genuinely want to know this… Research game on.

Following from my previous post “Algorithm Is Gonna Get You” It all leads back to that pesky little Algorithm. Facebook and Linkedin are in the process of catching up so they won’t be joining in at this time. Sorry guys.

Like Instagram, Twitter now works out the most valuable subject tailored for your own interests… Nifty ey?  It also goes by how far the tweet is reached in the Social Media Hemisphere, rather than the amount of retweets and by whom.  I thought it would be to do with how many retweets, Nevertheless,  Journalists now have the power over a popularity contest.


Real and Raw content finally prevails.

Rewinding back to my question “How do people get their posts up the top of the leader board?” There are some things you can do to get the ball rolling.

Content is key. So ensure you have a fantastic, relatable, eye catching, funny, you name it, topic that not only your audience but, yourself are interested in.

The obligatory relevant hashtags will be needed here obviously. I tend to find these by scouring Instagram’s search tool itself and via sites online. So you will need to work some of your researching magic. 

I have to say this one tickled me so…

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 13.29.33Timing is of a virtue, so take a look at the analytics to ensure the right people are actually able to see your content. Finally leading onto communication. Distribution is vital when it comes to trafficking your posts around the world. Research similar influencers and public figures you wish to associate and connect with and start interacting. this will then lead to shares and widen your client base…

You may even learn something too!

GypsyLou 💋












Algorithm Is Gonna Get You.

Instagram you wonderful invention you, with your sexy spectrum of filters and adjustments. Out of all the platforms, this is definitely my favourite weapon of choice. Always locked and loaded to capture my life story at any moment. It Turns you from amateur photographer, to photoshop professional in a matter of seconds. Straight from your pocket. The best thing of all, its all for free. How bloody fantastic!

If you’re anything like me, when using this app you want the world, not just appreciate your new found art, as much as you do, but to actually have the opportunity to see it. Whether it’s for business or taking photos of your face, that meal you are just about to tuck into or in my case a half bitten sandwich from being too greedy to wait to take the photo first. Its abstract Darling… That’s my story and i’m sticking to it.


Exhibit A.

Unfortunately its not as simple as one might think. To increase your following, you need to put the work in i’m afraid. I will admit I am a culprit for spending my life burning a hole through my finger from scrolling through those sassy, socialite bloggers who have a million billion views. In awe and closet bitterness. What’s your secret? You must know something I don’t?  Or who, WHO DO YOU KNOW???

Nope, I’m afraid no quick fix, no cheat. We aren’t playing the Sims, you have to work for that fancy Mansion with all the fabulously decadent wallpaper and outrageous animal shaped statues. It’s all about consistent valuable content and engagement.  Unless you are naughty scamps and buy your likes…

I see you Followers_4likesbastards_$1345723!!!!!!!!!

These little hashtags have diva fever so you need to Beyonce the hell outta them if you want to see results. They are your ticket to getting your posts and brand out there. To get that SEO up that you’ve always wanted. So go get it!

I’m going to assume for the purpose of this blog that you all know what a hashtag is and the reason for its existence. However, just in case I will give a brief description for those who are either unaware, way too cool, OR live under a bridge.

Firstly, it looks like this: # like a tiny little Tic Tac Toe board, but so much more. It doesn’t look like much on its own, but alongside a buzzword it can be a powerful tool. If only this game were as simple as Naughts and Crosses. The social media world is more like #snakesandladders. You can be up the top of the board one minute then thrown down the snakes tail the next.

Speaking of being thrown down the snakes tail…

Has anyone else taken on board the algorithm change?

Up until now… Instagram was revealing posts to the world, as soon as they were shared in reverse chronological order. So any ol folk could see them.

Now… Instagram will show you the posts that “it” thinks that you will value the most.

I had to do some more research. I accept your challenge Insta. Calling all 400 million Instagram users. I’m assuming you will have been informed left right and center; needing to turn on your notifications for your favourite accounts so they don’t disappear into the huge abyss right?

“The change was inevitable. Facebook introduced algorithmic ordering to its News Feed back in 2009. And while the change prompted protests, the resulting panic was short-lived. We’ll likely see the same results with Instagram, which appears to be handling the situation cautiously: “We’re going to take time to get this right and listen to your feedback along the way,” ~ New York Times

This change hit me like a brick. I was not ready for it, if I’m completely honest. After believing I was slowly mastering the hashtag. Discovering the peak posting times each day. Researching trending hashtags related to my content. I was receiving a maximum of 300 likes with an average of 100, in a matter of seconds for each post. I was on a bit of a roll. Which always bodes well when learning a new job. Breezing through each post everyday, feeling the joy of excelling in my new task and I admit a little vanity from so many people liking my work.


I hope you feel empowered after reading this ^^

After a little begrudging, I now feel good about this change. Its how it should be. The amount of spam and inappropriate posts which disguise the greats. Quality over quantity as they say! Learn the importance of your message you wish to portray and give it some flair. Write us some value, give us some colour. Don’t just spam us with any ol thing. Be known for your brand the way you truly want to be known.

GypsyLou 💋


They call it 3V; Vertical Marketing, if you want to be technical. Small yet effective ads, formed via Snapchats vertical interface. You have probably discovered yourself this is a challenge without your limitless landscape frame. You have to think out of the box and get creative with your capturing. Making them bolder and brighter to reel in your desired audience.

It has been proven that these fuller, snappier (again no pun intended) portrait advertisements have a 9x completion rate over horizontal ones. If you look at the example below. You can see for yourself. It makes sense, look how much more eye catching and fun they appear. Cleverly makes them a lot more welcoming and memorable, like a screensaver in my brain. I know I’ll be hungry later and thinking about devouring one of these. The horizontal ad though, I’m currently squinting at the downsized version, yes. It may have just as much content but it gives off that cold calling vibe. When your on the end of the line for ages waiting for that pitch. The Vertical ads give off more Boom.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 15.33.42

Thanks  Snapchat.com 👌

Big brands in particular are majorly getting some of the action, Daily Mail being one of them.

“The whole notion of turning your phone on its side to watch a video is awkward and a bit of a hassle… Our findings have convinced us that we need to move even more aggressively to develop vertical content.” ~ Jon Steinberg, CEO Daily Mail

Reading this statement I instantly think, “Lazy bastards! Can’t even turn their phone on its side to watch an advertisement” But, I know I’m a culprit for taking the easy route. It’s an inconvenience.  Especially when your on the move, adverts in particular. Let’s not mess about here, adverts are annoying at the best of times. You need to be able to engage the audience instantly with no hassle if you want their attention.

My final advice to you is this. Although Apps: Snapchat, Meerkat and Periscope all work in this Vertical format. Ensure to remember other platforms like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are the Polar opposite, with the more traditional horizontal approach. So if your a religious snapper like myself, remember to turn that camera back on its side in order to create your video content…otherwise this will happen…



Gypsylou 💋

Snapchat. Love It Or Hate It.

Snapchat. With over 200 million active users. This raw, snappy (no pun intended) app, where you can create 1- 10 second videos to document your life. Which… POOF! Self destruct, never to be seen again in a matter of seconds. Is a phenomenon, which has been enlightening our lives since 2011. With the main purpose of being a messaging platform it has taken Msn messenger to the next level, by swiping right on someones name you can say hey but on video! Even Huge brands like Sky News and MTV successfully use it as a way of marketing.

FullSizeRender (3)

Basically there’s a network my BigDaddyBoss Steven Thompson….my elders? have been pushing me to use to become a big kid, play with geo filters (uniquely accessible for various locations) , lenses (press and hold on your face to activate these gems), draw silly cartoons, talk about my life story and use it as marketing? I mean come on. What? How did my generation of friends miss this, i thought we were down with the technology lingo. But Hey. I am not going to complain. All in a days work.

I think it really does represent the word social in social media like a glove. By allowing people to break the boundaries of professional and personal life by intertwining them together to boost your business in this fast paced, forever changing social media world so much more than any other platform. The more attention from consumers you are gaining, the more advertising, which means more of that lovely mulah you’ll be sliding into your pocket.

As entrepreneur, Gary Vee aka social media Guru preaches.“The way Snapchat works is much closer to how we communicate face to face than any other social network. What I mean by this is that: when we talk to each other, passing in the halls or just living out our lives, those moments disappear. Snapchat emulates that behaviour and psychology”

How can I really use snapchat to promote my business?

Now, like any successful business method, you need strategy. Sponsored Geofilters could be an option, however if your  small business starting out, money isn’t pouring out of your eye balls to create such gimmicks. Use the tools you have in front of you. Share your stories on other platforms, twitter, facebook, instagram, the social world is your oyster. Create themes with your stories and most importantly be real.

What is a story you ask? Well this would be a collection of snaps which play in a reel, which last for 24 hours. Never fear you can save them onto your phone now in case you wish to watch them later.

Why else is this such a genius viral sensation?

Is It because we are nosey?


Is it because its our way to spy on our favourite influencers?

Of course.

You are able to find out what these super humans actually do in day to day life. From where they are going..to most importantly what delicious food they are eating.

You want to know how they are successful?

Most definitely.

But I know what I’m really thinking… without sounding like a crazy stalker. What are they doing behind closed doors? I MUST KNOW. It makes sense really. These incredible role models we inspire to be are now becoming relatable to us and we’re craving more. Interested being an under statement, almost an obsession.  

A long with a lot of you on snapchat. I have definitely been part of the percentage who is just entering this whole new dimension of joy. Finding your feet. An amateur some might say. Playing with the filters to my hearts content, swapping faces and documenting some… lets emphasise some here, of my life. If you followed me you would not have had a clue what I really did in my day to day life. Oh that Gypsy Pr lady…she ate a pizza once… walked somewhere.. grew a beard. end.


Its interesting thinking back I remember really thinking about what I was going to video, like anyone actually cared. You have 1 maybe no followers at the beginning. But really the way to embrace snapchat is to literally snap everything, have fun with it. The beauty of this network unlike Facebook, twitter etc is that the number of followers you have, likes, scores etc doesn’t actually matter. Its how many views that counts. Which means you gotta up the ante everyone, keep the value going. keep them hooked.

People have been asking when/ if  “they” are going to reveal views in the future.  However, going by the new restriction of your score no longer being visible to everyone, unless you are following each other. I predict otherwise.

Lets keep the magic alive…don’t you agree?

So everyone.. do you love it or do you hate it?

Gypsylou 💋.

#VaynerWorld Meets #BIGDaddyPR|Part Two.

An incredible combination of ballsiness, success, ego, excitement and an inspiration hungry mist filled the air. Gary Vee has an awesome presence, an uplifting character who oozes happiness yet still holds that edge. Who managed to hook the whole rooms attention from the word go. With his confident “self awareness” and wit. I’ve never really known a public figure who relates to so many different generations of people in so many ways.


The show kicked off with a Q and A. This immediately brought the crowd together with a bang. We thought only the VIP’ERS who had spent a million pounds would get to ask a question, as the email portrayed. But, hey! He calls the shots. I love the way he does what the f@*k he wants. Says what he wants with an open mind. Like I said in #VaynerWorld meets #BIGDaddy|Part One  He really gives that sense of equality, which I feel can be forgotten in this money hungry world. Sure he’s egotistical, but, he knows what he’s talking about. Who else here has built a 3 to 60 million dollar business?

There was a moment where an audience member challenged his #AskGaryVeeShow  The title had portrayed to him that it makes it seem more about himself now rather than his audience. Instead of dismissing the comment with a defensive justification, he actually stood there, thought about it and apologised. “How could I argue that, if thats how you feel?”  If that’s how you feel, then I’ve failed” which led to…”You’ll be flabergasted by how much money I leave on the table…I do this more for the vanity…I don’t want anything from you.” Yea, yea…Tell us that while your rolling around in all the profits from your show, I bet you’re thinking?!  But. Coming from this incredibly successful businessman wearing an old, worn jumper with a hole in the armpit It seemed so genuine and was a surprising case of events to happen. I was hypnotised. It didn’t feel scripted, but if it is,  then hats off to the guy.  He’s a great actor. I believed his empathy and modesty on stage.

The crowds questions varied from how to eat a banana. All the way to the serious end of the spectrum to advise the next step for their business. Even Grindr cropped up, if i recall correctly. Cheeky. Not including dating skills here but Just imagine being asked such a responsibility and not just that, being that confident in knowing the answer. RESPECT.


One particular lady has stuck in my head since. Her story was of pressure from parents, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Being pushed into societies expectations of studying to go to university. Becoming a doctor. Marriage. Children the list goes on. So much restriction. Bravely she knew she wasn’t happy and took the plunge. Rolled with her passion and started her own path. This led into asking for words of encouragement and inspiration of those in a similar situation. This brought shivers down my spine, what a fabulous example of courage, independence and giving surrounding expectancies the middle finger. You only have one life in this world, and its yours. Own it.

The rest of the show was made up of various speakers, dazzling our ears with knowledge. The presenter and co founder of Creative Content Agency: Raj Kotecha was having a sort of personal Q&A/ interview with Gary Vee on stage. What struck me was their connection. They were not just work associates but clearly great friends as well as with his other famous asetts India, Drock etc were mentioned through out. Very similar to my team I work for at #BigDaddyPR Everyone respects and commends everyones different qualities and values.

Then a final  Q&A with the proud owner of 50 books and the moment I’d been waiting for… The raffle. Another level. He was dropping prizes like Dr. Dre drops his beats. Like music to my ears, he was throwing out signed canvas’s, trips around the world and to front row Jets games. So blase, thinking on the spot for the next one to follow. To have that perspective of money is very refreshing, what some may say is reckless, I know he has a lot of it. But its a mentality we should all use to a certain degree. I think people put too much pressure on spending at times. Money is there for enjoyment just as much as for survival.

Anyway back to the raffle, I always get a thrill when it comes to gambling, even on the 2p machines in Great Yarmouth. So the thought of winning ACTUAL PRIZES…Well I was on the edge of my seat. Especially when that golden gem; Gary, can I call you Gary now? Are we on those terms, rocked up. The opportunity to embrace a week of mentoring and shadowing in his New York office..incredible. Not just that, to make an appearance on his #askgaryveeSHOOOOOOOOW. He called out the first number.. I obviously didn’t possess it… Classic. But low and behold up Steven rose beside me. Say What?! Second number..Steven is still stood there… Third number (theres only 4 numbers to go through) he still stands. There was tension. The feeling of anticipation and happiness for him potentially getting this bangin prize and a little envy washed over me…

This disappeared in a matter of seconds. Missed it by one number. Damn. So close.

We obviously had to get our books signed. Now was the chance. The queue was endless and it was pretty late. There was a table and chair set up and as I waited in the queue of Entrepreneur zombies slowly shuffling to meet and greet. I was amazed by how attentive and humble he was even after the show, hours of travelling and dealing with fans. By the time my turn arrived I even felt a little starstruck, I thought about what the right thing to say was, almost a little nervous. Which was surprising, nevertheless, as soon as I walked up the steps and clasped my hand in his for a hand shake… (and obligatory selfie)

FullSizeRender (4)(Will forever be looking away from the lens)

…that pressure and slight niggle of doubt that egotistical and humble is an impossible concept to master, just faded away, with his genuine well being and eagerness to listen. Lets not lie he’s a dude.

FullSizeRender (6)

His Witty, funny, quick words were inspiring. The meaning behind doing what you love, being true to yourself and gratefulness for the simple things you have in lifeWOW I left feeling like I wanted to be a better person, happy and ready to carry on with my life in a different perspective. However that may also be from my high of sleep deprivation after my long day. Oooh and with 5 tasty signed books in ones grasp.

#VaynerWorld you were wonderful. I hope to play there again soon.

Take a look for yourself…

GypsyLou 💋













#VaynerWorld Meets #BigDaddyPR|Part One.


Part one… You had me at wine.

When I was offered a ticket to experience that serial, self promotional. Wine entrepreneur turned social media Guru…Don…King… the names are endless. The guy who has been inspiring and influencing mine and my mentor / #BIGDaddyPRBoss Steven Thompson’s  work over the past year. Of course I was available for that date… Yes i’ll cancel that wedding, birthday, holiday, WHATEVER I’M DOING THAT DAY. For the chance to experience Gary Vaynerchuks wisdom from the horse’s charismatic, brash mouth himself…and the fact he curses as much as I do well… Ahh! we have something in common already.

(For those who don’t know this internet famous “influencer”. He has created 2 companies with amazing success. One being Wine Library brought to the top with his online channel, where he discuss’s wine in all of its glory. He’s a best selling author, has a million, billion, twitter followers, 1.24million to be precise and he can dazzle a room and be paid for it for a tasty sum. It’s safe to say he’s doing alright.)

Also, I wanted to suss him out for myself. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a wee bit skeptical. I mean, you hear the words, motivational speaker, billions, ego, internet personality, book launch and fame, all together as one and its hard not to have a niggle of doubt. How does this one guy know everything and not be a money dwindling, egotistical fake? Is it my Essex pessimism seeping through a little there or just common sense? I had to meet the guy. Oh yes. I knew I was going to have a face to face conversation before I even got there. I have my ways. I think the term they call it is hustling? I’m not sure. Gary you heard of this? Or in my case.. Get at the back of the queue and wait your turn to get your book signed. Amen!

The day arrived, glad rags were on, obviously, I was meeting the one and only that day. Gotta impress and after what I learnt from last year, you never know who you could meet, what opportunities could come in day to day life. Sure it’s all about personality, however, sometimes its just nice to look nice / I don’t think I would get the time of day wearing a bin bag.

A combination of excitement over 1. the fact I was going on my first “business venture” outside of Norwich. Which finally hit home that I’m now officially part of the #BIGDaddyFamily full time, slipping into that percentage of being one of those people who can honestly say they “#lovewhattheydo” and 2. Some badass Social Media/ life public figure is going to be talking straight, inspirational words at me to a soundtrack of hip hop. In a fiery environment surrounded with lights, cameras, VIP areas, the works. It Enthralled me.

We opted in driving to London. That’s right…ROAD Trip. After vast amounts of snap chatting, tweeting, broadcasting to the world of our whereabouts, to mainly Gary Vee of course, to make sure they knew it was a Norwich take over, we arrived.

The venue was held at the WeWork building down Moorgate, next to the Barbican.  With a cheeky vino before at a nearby pub ( would be rude not to)


In a sea of aspiring “entrepreneurs” waiting for the event. We proudly managed to get a retweet from the man himself. Steven heckled him to join us for a beverage or 2 before the #AskGaryVee book launch sponsored by IBM Marketing Cloud  I’m not going to lie, I got a buzz from it. I felt like a groupie waiting outside the back of a gig waiting desperately to get that autograph. Social media really is a powerful thing. To be able to make contact with someone you’ve paid to see and never met before is fantastic. For those social media haters out there. Don’t mock, you have a voice. Its a revelation!

Feeling a little giddy we waited in the inevitable Gary Vee conga line outside the WeWork building. We definitely turned it up a notch. Tweeting fellow fans we had met in the queue, getting a great response. People were saying hello to us via various platforms, who we couldn’t even see. I guess we did stand out, me with my red hair, beetle juice trousers and Steven with his Distinctive dapper facial hair and pimpin green trainers. It was brilliant, everyone was thriving off of each other, I’ve never seen so many people using their phones at one time. That in itself was slightly bizarre, but, it is the perfect example of how social media is actually very social. The amounts of gig queues I have experienced and everyone keeps to themselves. Here we were communicating to people at the other side of the building. Its a virtual ice breaker. Awesome!


When we entered the building and received our lanyards, we were welcomed with crowds of people. A Camera crew, a Dj playing hip hop… Nice! I was quite surprised by the venue. In my head I was expecting almost a grand theatre of seating with a stage. A classic seminar venue. However, it was a big open plan room with rows and rows of seating, segregated into 3 parts, VIP at the front, some of whom had paid for 50 books (mental) which entitled you to a question for Gary Vee.  Premium which  was us, 5 books and literally a couple of rows behind VIP, which in my mind wasn’t really worth it for the VIP’ERS because of the layout. I’d have been a little peeved if i’d paid the full VIP price. I must confess though, that Mr.BigDaddy cheekily hustled us to VIP anyway soooo… Well done Good Sir. Then Standard seating was at the back, Nevertheless, it was a fairly distributed room. Everyone had a good view so that in itself was great. It felt right with the tone of his welcoming aura and character. Despite people paying to be in the various seats, everyone was worth the same amount of his time and voice.

Like any other gig there was Merch. Steven decided to buy EVERYTHING, even a mug for me, so I would never complain. My contribution was 1 #Vaynerchoc a chocolate bar, very similar to a Willy Wonker bar. The proceeds were for such worthy cause towards a Bowel cancer fund. So there was no guilt whatsoever devouring this delicious treat. Each chocolate included a number for a raffle which would be taking place at the end of the show. Goodwill, food and gambling… He’s won me over already.

I can understand why he has such a broad audience from aspiring youngsters to older, Wolf of Wolf Street Business types, who have been around since the beginning of time. There’s something for everyone, gimmicks, professionalism and he knows his shit.

Anticipation surrounded the room. Everyone was hyped up like we were at a show, not some seminar where we learn business. This was way too much fun, there must be a catch. As he made his big entrance to the front of the stage. Everyone went crazy, taking photos, hi- fiving across the room. We managed to have a seat at the right end of the row, again, thank you Steven. Gary Vee conversed with us as he recognised him from the snaps complaining about his GeoFilter not working. First world problems… I KNOW RIGHT? Brilliant. Also,we may be on his Show…just saying. I recognise those trousers anywhere. Claim to fame.

So Part one…You caught the Vaynerchuk fever yet?

Gypsylou 💋