Algorithm and Topic Trends|Journalism Is Taking It Back.

Trending Topics a.k.a Topics which the world are talking about, that you need to know more than anything else. RIGHT NOW.

You’ll notice them on various social media platforms, focussing on Twitter and Instagram in particular here. Trending topics are a handy source and also my major point of call when searching for the most recent current affairs. But where do they really come from you may be asking and where do you find these life changing “trends”?

Apart from the obvious mainstream media outlets such as @BBCNews and @Huffingtonpost; the”Breaking News” and vital upcoming gossip who’s worthy attributes will trump the stream every time.

FullSizeRender (1)

How do people get their posts up the top of the leader board?  I genuinely want to know this… Research game on.

Following from my previous post “Algorithm Is Gonna Get You” It all leads back to that pesky little Algorithm. Facebook and Linkedin are in the process of catching up so they won’t be joining in at this time. Sorry guys.

Like Instagram, Twitter now works out the most valuable subject tailored for your own interests… Nifty ey?  It also goes by how far the tweet is reached in the Social Media Hemisphere, rather than the amount of retweets and by whom.  I thought it would be to do with how many retweets, Nevertheless,  Journalists now have the power over a popularity contest.


Real and Raw content finally prevails.

Rewinding back to my question “How do people get their posts up the top of the leader board?” There are some things you can do to get the ball rolling.

Content is key. So ensure you have a fantastic, relatable, eye catching, funny, you name it, topic that not only your audience but, yourself are interested in.

The obligatory relevant hashtags will be needed here obviously. I tend to find these by scouring Instagram’s search tool itself and via sites online. So you will need to work some of your researching magic. 

I have to say this one tickled me so…

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 13.29.33Timing is of a virtue, so take a look at the analytics to ensure the right people are actually able to see your content. Finally leading onto communication. Distribution is vital when it comes to trafficking your posts around the world. Research similar influencers and public figures you wish to associate and connect with and start interacting. this will then lead to shares and widen your client base…

You may even learn something too!

GypsyLou 💋













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