Confessions Of A Snapchataholic|Ghost Codes

You may or may not have heard of Ghost codes. If you thought you couldn’t turn anymore into a big kid then get involved with this “discovery” app  for Snapchat.  Another #BIGDaddyBoss Baton which has been passed to me very recently.

“Have you ever asked the question, “how do I find awesome people to follow on Snapchat?” We have too…all the time. So we built an app that makes it possible.” –

We being Frank Danna and Hunter Harrison the inventors of this fun little app and partners of Softway, a web design and multimedia company that is partnering with Workhouse Creative.


This dramatically increases your  interaction and I have to say enthusiasm for “winning” on Snapchat. There’s a leader board highlighting your “likes” from others, in the form of purple hearts. How wonderfully adolescent. I am a sucker for fantastically fuzzy emojis I can’t deny. As soon as I laid my eyes on that little ghost I sold my soul. I must get to the top.

You will also spot the downloads of your own personal code.

*Snapchat code – Just call it your I.D in the Snapchat community, a ticket to your own story

FullSizeRender (3)

This makes me wonder…Am I using this for the right reasons? Or does it not matter that my main reason I’m discovering so many people and promoting my brand is because I wish to beat them all?!?

Whatever your reasoning, you’re connecting with so many brilliant minds in a variety of occupations, generations and cultures in a way that immediately brings everyone to the same level. It’s impossible not to learn something. So Stop taking yourself so seriously, It’s the worst kept secret to Snapchats success.

GhostCodes is an add on to Snapchat where you create a profile, select a niche category ranging from Inspirational all the way to sexy. So modest my fellow Snapchatters are. I thought Story Teller was the most appropriate for my life story, I couldn’t just narrow myself down to just one category now could I? I’m definitely more of an all rounder.

…Ok I did actually try celebrity but they wouldn’t have any of it.

Since using this tool, my followers have gone through the roof and not just for Snapchat but via other platforms also. Taking us back to the importance of distribution. It’s magically put me on the map, which is perfect for all you Entrepreneurs out there!

So go get your brand out there and have fun with it.

GypsyLou 💋


P.S You can now change your category when you go into your settings. This is a neat trick to bump your way up, boosting your followers. But, sshh don’t tell anyone.




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