Snapchat. Love It Or Hate It.

Snapchat. With over 200 million active users. This raw, snappy (no pun intended) app, where you can create 1- 10 second videos to document your life. Which… POOF! Self destruct, never to be seen again in a matter of seconds. Is a phenomenon, which has been enlightening our lives since 2011. With the main purpose of being a messaging platform it has taken Msn messenger to the next level, by swiping right on someones name you can say hey but on video! Even Huge brands like Sky News and MTV successfully use it as a way of marketing.

FullSizeRender (3)

Basically there’s a network my BigDaddyBoss Steven Thompson….my elders? have been pushing me to use to become a big kid, play with geo filters (uniquely accessible for various locations) , lenses (press and hold on your face to activate these gems), draw silly cartoons, talk about my life story and use it as marketing? I mean come on. What? How did my generation of friends miss this, i thought we were down with the technology lingo. But Hey. I am not going to complain. All in a days work.

I think it really does represent the word social in social media like a glove. By allowing people to break the boundaries of professional and personal life by intertwining them together to boost your business in this fast paced, forever changing social media world so much more than any other platform. The more attention from consumers you are gaining, the more advertising, which means more of that lovely mulah you’ll be sliding into your pocket.

As entrepreneur, Gary Vee aka social media Guru preaches.“The way Snapchat works is much closer to how we communicate face to face than any other social network. What I mean by this is that: when we talk to each other, passing in the halls or just living out our lives, those moments disappear. Snapchat emulates that behaviour and psychology”

How can I really use snapchat to promote my business?

Now, like any successful business method, you need strategy. Sponsored Geofilters could be an option, however if your  small business starting out, money isn’t pouring out of your eye balls to create such gimmicks. Use the tools you have in front of you. Share your stories on other platforms, twitter, facebook, instagram, the social world is your oyster. Create themes with your stories and most importantly be real.

What is a story you ask? Well this would be a collection of snaps which play in a reel, which last for 24 hours. Never fear you can save them onto your phone now in case you wish to watch them later.

Why else is this such a genius viral sensation?

Is It because we are nosey?


Is it because its our way to spy on our favourite influencers?

Of course.

You are able to find out what these super humans actually do in day to day life. From where they are most importantly what delicious food they are eating.

You want to know how they are successful?

Most definitely.

But I know what I’m really thinking… without sounding like a crazy stalker. What are they doing behind closed doors? I MUST KNOW. It makes sense really. These incredible role models we inspire to be are now becoming relatable to us and we’re craving more. Interested being an under statement, almost an obsession.  

A long with a lot of you on snapchat. I have definitely been part of the percentage who is just entering this whole new dimension of joy. Finding your feet. An amateur some might say. Playing with the filters to my hearts content, swapping faces and documenting some… lets emphasise some here, of my life. If you followed me you would not have had a clue what I really did in my day to day life. Oh that Gypsy Pr lady…she ate a pizza once… walked somewhere.. grew a beard. end.


Its interesting thinking back I remember really thinking about what I was going to video, like anyone actually cared. You have 1 maybe no followers at the beginning. But really the way to embrace snapchat is to literally snap everything, have fun with it. The beauty of this network unlike Facebook, twitter etc is that the number of followers you have, likes, scores etc doesn’t actually matter. Its how many views that counts. Which means you gotta up the ante everyone, keep the value going. keep them hooked.

People have been asking when/ if  “they” are going to reveal views in the future.  However, going by the new restriction of your score no longer being visible to everyone, unless you are following each other. I predict otherwise.

Lets keep the magic alive…don’t you agree?

So everyone.. do you love it or do you hate it?

Gypsylou 💋.


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