They Rock out of bed at whatever darn time they want. Sipping on coffee all day in fine establishments, living the dream. Bastards…or Entrepreneurs/ Freelancers you may call them. That breed of money hungry scamps who will bribe you out of anything…


The biggest preconception of the century. Although, we have managed to beat the system of the traditional, government driven 9-5 role. This stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s not easy being welcomed into this world. I had to work my ass off and peck my way into it. My basket was full of so many eggs that a few did smash along the way. But, never give up! Like anything worth fighting for it’s hard work. Just see it as your right of passage.

Willpower is the trick of the trade here. On call at all hours, not giving into temptation of that pesky TV and rare sun that may say hello from time to time. Nevertheless, the regular meetings of inspirational and humble influencers make it all the more rewarding. This freedom and flexibility of time really does get the creative juices flowing!

So when is the best time to “hustle”?

When the freedom to create your own pathway is before you, it is sometimes hard to break out of the mindset of the literal early bird that catches the worm.

“Early bird DOES still get the worm. There’s just confusion about what the early bird is. The early bird is someone who is willing to act early in a process, not someone who gets up before the sun.”

Wise words!  David John Independent Contractor at SPAR Business Services

It took me a while to get that mentality out of my head myself. I almost had a state of panic that I wouldn’t get everything done if I started the day a bit later. I mean I am the epiphany of the phrase “Morning person” which I should count my blessings for. Although, when your trying to have a lie in its bloody annoying when your body will reject the idea instantly. Despite the obvious analytics guiding me as to which times are best to schedule my posts, as long the the value, content and engagement is out there you’re plain sailing.

“It’s not about how much you sleep, it’s what you do while you’re awake.”

Well said Gary Vee

“Hustling” does not have a time schedule. You’re in the now. It’s such a refreshing way to live, yet maybe not as glamorous as you may think at times. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do in this world. Including bringing that trusty phone into the toilet with you.

Come on now you’ve all done it. Don’t judge me!

As #BIGDaddyBoss Steven Thompson preaches to me, “Saying you don’t have time is a poor excuse. If you have time to go to the loo then you have time to get shit done…no pun intended.”

And you know what… Me along with most social media heads; Influencer Gary Vee being one of them I have now discovered, has got a lot of valuable work done in the toilet too.

…and people say you can’t multitask. What do “they” know?!!

So, to all of my fellow entrepreneurs out there… There is no set time laid in stone telling you the opportune moment to make the magic happen. Remember. Stealth mode.  Go out there and move with the rhythm and love it.

Gypsylou 💋





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