Facebook; the copycats of the century, with a little sprucing of course. Will be announcing their new launch, soon to appear before you eyes. You 900million monthly active users (Almost reaching the 1 billion milestone that Whatsapp has already achieved) will be able to scan profile codes via Messenger codes just like Snapchat. You will be given an added feature; a m.me/[username] profile each. People can click on this to talk to you separately to messenger.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 13.42.13

Hmm…interesting development. I’m all over the codes, however, the extra profile came across as a little pointless to me at first. You know who I am and where to find me. Don’t fix what ain’t broke!!

Although, It does give it a more professional persona doesn’t it?

How will this benefit you?

Well…This where you need to look into the future for a second. You may not see the benefits now, however, Social Media is always 10 steps ahead. Which is why it’s so fast paced. You just get the hang of that new app or platform that has come into your life and another one creeps up.

Facebook’s vision would appear to be wanting a new grown up edge like linkedin, so for those of you like myself, who also use this for business as well as for leisure. Look out for these features  as they will definitely benefit you.

“According to a new report from TechCrunch, Facebook is working with developers to build chatbots and Live Chat web plugins for business clients. The tools are said to be officially announced next week at the social network’s F8 conference. Chatbots will allow for businesses to offer automated response systems for responding to inquires from potential customers.” Neat ey?

You can also store important documents like tickets and what not . You may be thinking this is a bit risky putting all of your information on Facebook. Nevertheless, here is where the m.me profile role comes in. It keeps everything secure and separate from the messenger app. Add the Facebook codes into the mix to easily add the company you wish to connect to then Hey Presto! You’re in business. 

“No more back and forth with texts trying to make sure you have the right number saved and awkwardly asking people how to spell their names. Your settings tab in Messenger has your own Messenger Code displayed prominently to scan or share.” ~ Facebook Messenger

Perfect… but, I guess that means it’s going to be a lot harder to fake number people too for all you creepy guys and gals out there… Am I right?!

Keep your eyes peeled for the update!

GypsyL0u 💋


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