So you think you’ve got what it takes ey?

You’ve got that genius idea you’re excited about. You love it. The world’s going to love it, thinking to yourself “Dragons Den watch out, I’ve got that life changing pitch awaiting you!”

Whilst confidence is definitely a key element when becoming an Entrepreneur. You also need to be realistic and watch out for those common mistakes so many people make when starting out.

For example, confidence in your brand and purpose is extremely important. You must believe in your own produce, however, to expect everyone around you to immediately be convinced is not realistic. It will not only leave you feeling slightly rejected, but these high expectations will demotivate you tremendously.

As great role model of mine aka Entrepreneurial Don Richard Branson says…

“when the first Virgin business began 40 years ago, there was no grand plan—especially not for a behemoth that would eventually employ 50,000 people around the globe. “Had we tried to plan for such a future,” Branson once told Entrepreneur, “we would certainly have messed it up.”

aka…  are you ready for the cliche quote here?… Dum Dum Duum…

Dream big. Start small.

Classic. But extremely on point.

A huge 66% of business’s fail in 8 years. How crazy is that thought? Surprisingly enough the factors of failure were more of an emotional issue rather than the suspected economic ones. You may be financially ready, but if you are going for the door to door selling approach you are walking towards an early grave. How many times have you hung up on a cold caller? Think about it.

Never fear, I shall be advising you in my next few posts of ways and means of avoiding such disasters.

Number 1: 3rd wheeling your client due to your infatuation with your product. 

Having to work with someone who loves their product more than you, is like being on a first date with that guy or gal who is smokin’ hot and knows it. Not attractive and more than likely someone you won’t have the time of day for.

Respect your potential client and truly get to know them, their passions, their needs, their fears etc before you immediately throw out the big guns with your selling pitch. Not just because you have to, but because you want to. You wouldn’t start your date with an immediate proposition back to your house would you? Well the guys in the previous paragraph might.

From experience I have met so many awesome, inspirational people with this role who I have so much value for. Also, Making the effort to build a rapport will more likely keep hold of their time and business for a lot longer and be all the more rewarding.

The actual product itself only counts for a small amount of your business. So the “If you build it, they will come” attitude a few of you seem to swear by, will get you nowhere unfortunately. McDonalds is a prime example here; One of the most globally successful food restaurants in the world, however, I’m sure you will all agree that’s definitely not because of the quality of their produce.

Oh no she didn’t!!!

I kneel before you… You’ve got that marketing down.

So, embrace the beauty of networking. In this game you never know what path it can take you.

Gypsylou 💋







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