#VaynerWorld Meets #BIGDaddyPR|Part Two.

An incredible combination of ballsiness, success, ego, excitement and an inspiration hungry mist filled the air. Gary Vee has an awesome presence, an uplifting character who oozes happiness yet still holds that edge. Who managed to hook the whole rooms attention from the word go. With his confident “self awareness” and wit. I’ve never really known a public figure who relates to so many different generations of people in so many ways.


The show kicked off with a Q and A. This immediately brought the crowd together with a bang. We thought only the VIP’ERS who had spent a million pounds would get to ask a question, as the email portrayed. But, hey! He calls the shots. I love the way he does what the f@*k he wants. Says what he wants with an open mind. Like I said in #VaynerWorld meets #BIGDaddy|Part One  He really gives that sense of equality, which I feel can be forgotten in this money hungry world. Sure he’s egotistical, but, he knows what he’s talking about. Who else here has built a 3 to 60 million dollar business?

There was a moment where an audience member challenged his #AskGaryVeeShow  The title had portrayed to him that it makes it seem more about himself now rather than his audience. Instead of dismissing the comment with a defensive justification, he actually stood there, thought about it and apologised. “How could I argue that, if thats how you feel?”  If that’s how you feel, then I’ve failed” which led to…”You’ll be flabergasted by how much money I leave on the table…I do this more for the vanity…I don’t want anything from you.” Yea, yea…Tell us that while your rolling around in all the profits from your show, I bet you’re thinking?!  But. Coming from this incredibly successful businessman wearing an old, worn jumper with a hole in the armpit It seemed so genuine and was a surprising case of events to happen. I was hypnotised. It didn’t feel scripted, but if it is,  then hats off to the guy.  He’s a great actor. I believed his empathy and modesty on stage.

The crowds questions varied from how to eat a banana. All the way to the serious end of the spectrum to advise the next step for their business. Even Grindr cropped up, if i recall correctly. Cheeky. Not including dating skills here but Just imagine being asked such a responsibility and not just that, being that confident in knowing the answer. RESPECT.


One particular lady has stuck in my head since. Her story was of pressure from parents, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Being pushed into societies expectations of studying to go to university. Becoming a doctor. Marriage. Children the list goes on. So much restriction. Bravely she knew she wasn’t happy and took the plunge. Rolled with her passion and started her own path. This led into asking for words of encouragement and inspiration of those in a similar situation. This brought shivers down my spine, what a fabulous example of courage, independence and giving surrounding expectancies the middle finger. You only have one life in this world, and its yours. Own it.

The rest of the show was made up of various speakers, dazzling our ears with knowledge. The presenter and co founder of Creative Content Agency: Raj Kotecha was having a sort of personal Q&A/ interview with Gary Vee on stage. What struck me was their connection. They were not just work associates but clearly great friends as well as with his other famous asetts India, Drock etc were mentioned through out. Very similar to my team I work for at #BigDaddyPR Everyone respects and commends everyones different qualities and values.

Then a final  Q&A with the proud owner of 50 books and the moment I’d been waiting for… The raffle. Another level. He was dropping prizes like Dr. Dre drops his beats. Like music to my ears, he was throwing out signed canvas’s, trips around the world and to front row Jets games. So blase, thinking on the spot for the next one to follow. To have that perspective of money is very refreshing, what some may say is reckless, I know he has a lot of it. But its a mentality we should all use to a certain degree. I think people put too much pressure on spending at times. Money is there for enjoyment just as much as for survival.

Anyway back to the raffle, I always get a thrill when it comes to gambling, even on the 2p machines in Great Yarmouth. So the thought of winning ACTUAL PRIZES…Well I was on the edge of my seat. Especially when that golden gem; Gary, can I call you Gary now? Are we on those terms, rocked up. The opportunity to embrace a week of mentoring and shadowing in his New York office..incredible. Not just that, to make an appearance on his #askgaryveeSHOOOOOOOOW. He called out the first number.. I obviously didn’t possess it… Classic. But low and behold up Steven rose beside me. Say What?! Second number..Steven is still stood there… Third number (theres only 4 numbers to go through) he still stands. There was tension. The feeling of anticipation and happiness for him potentially getting this bangin prize and a little envy washed over me…

This disappeared in a matter of seconds. Missed it by one number. Damn. So close.

We obviously had to get our books signed. Now was the chance. The queue was endless and it was pretty late. There was a table and chair set up and as I waited in the queue of Entrepreneur zombies slowly shuffling to meet and greet. I was amazed by how attentive and humble he was even after the show, hours of travelling and dealing with fans. By the time my turn arrived I even felt a little starstruck, I thought about what the right thing to say was, almost a little nervous. Which was surprising, nevertheless, as soon as I walked up the steps and clasped my hand in his for a hand shake… (and obligatory selfie)

FullSizeRender (4)(Will forever be looking away from the lens)

…that pressure and slight niggle of doubt that egotistical and humble is an impossible concept to master, just faded away, with his genuine well being and eagerness to listen. Lets not lie he’s a dude.

FullSizeRender (6)

His Witty, funny, quick words were inspiring. The meaning behind doing what you love, being true to yourself and gratefulness for the simple things you have in lifeWOW I left feeling like I wanted to be a better person, happy and ready to carry on with my life in a different perspective. However that may also be from my high of sleep deprivation after my long day. Oooh and with 5 tasty signed books in ones grasp.

#VaynerWorld you were wonderful. I hope to play there again soon.

Take a look for yourself…

GypsyLou 💋














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