They call it 3V; Vertical Marketing, if you want to be technical. Small yet effective ads, formed via Snapchats vertical interface. You have probably discovered yourself this is a challenge without your limitless landscape frame. You have to think out of the box and get creative with your capturing. Making them bolder and brighter to reel in your desired audience.

It has been proven that these fuller, snappier (again no pun intended) portrait advertisements have a 9x completion rate over horizontal ones. If you look at the example below. You can see for yourself. It makes sense, look how much more eye catching and fun they appear. Cleverly makes them a lot more welcoming and memorable, like a screensaver in my brain. I know I’ll be hungry later and thinking about devouring one of these. The horizontal ad though, I’m currently squinting at the downsized version, yes. It may have just as much content but it gives off that cold calling vibe. When your on the end of the line for ages waiting for that pitch. The Vertical ads give off more Boom.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 15.33.42

Thanks 👌

Big brands in particular are majorly getting some of the action, Daily Mail being one of them.

“The whole notion of turning your phone on its side to watch a video is awkward and a bit of a hassle… Our findings have convinced us that we need to move even more aggressively to develop vertical content.” ~ Jon Steinberg, CEO Daily Mail

Reading this statement I instantly think, “Lazy bastards! Can’t even turn their phone on its side to watch an advertisement” But, I know I’m a culprit for taking the easy route. It’s an inconvenience.  Especially when your on the move, adverts in particular. Let’s not mess about here, adverts are annoying at the best of times. You need to be able to engage the audience instantly with no hassle if you want their attention.

My final advice to you is this. Although Apps: Snapchat, Meerkat and Periscope all work in this Vertical format. Ensure to remember other platforms like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are the Polar opposite, with the more traditional horizontal approach. So if your a religious snapper like myself, remember to turn that camera back on its side in order to create your video content…otherwise this will happen…



Gypsylou 💋


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